Get A Residential Energy Assessment

Hundreds of Alaskans do it every year, so why haven’t you? Getting an energy audit and making the recommended changes is the most comprehensive way to see a dent in your energy use and on your energy bill. The average homeowner saves $1,347 a year after making the recommended changes and recoups their initial investment within four years.

Find an Energy Rater

Energy raters are experts at their craft. Find the right rater for you and they will find ways to save energy that you never even dreamed existed.

Financial Assistance Programs

There are several state and federal programs aimed at helping to fund energy efficient improvements around your home.

Find a Contractor

While there are many inexpensive and easy improvements you can do yourself, or with a friend, consider hiring a contractor to take over some of the more complex changes. Contractors will come in and make the improvements for you, ensuring they are done right.