Get a Commercial Energy Assessment

Get a Commercial Energy Assessment

Be business savvy and invest in your company’s future. Commercial energy audits can save thousands of dollars a year; following an audit companies save an average of a dollar per square foot, per year. You can recoup the initial cost of making changes within six years.

Find an Energy Auditor

Energy auditors are experts at what they do. Find the right auditor for you and they will find ways to save energy you never even dreamed existed.

Financial Assistance Programs

There are several state and federal programs that will help fund energy efficient improvements.

Find a Contractor

While there are many inexpensive and easy improvements you can do yourself, or with a friend, consider hiring a contractor to take over some of the more complex changes. Contractors will come in and make the improvements for you, ensuring they are done right. This will maximize your efficiency.


Case Studies Tabs:

Kotzebue Airport Terminal

$511,120 Investment

26% Savings on Energy

9.8 year payback


Beacon Training Center (Anchorage) 

$8,562 Investment

28% Savings on Energy

2.6 Year Payback


Goldbelt Hotel (Juneau) 

$106,000 Investment

27% Savings on Energy

1.7 Year Payback


Aurora Animal Clinic (Fairbanks) 

$14,831 Investment

27% Savings on Energy

> 2 Year Payback