Great Alaska Energy Challenge Final Results

Governor Bill Walker today congratulated the winners of the Great Alaska Energy Challenge, a six-month friendly competition to reduce energy consumption in state facilities. Winners were announced in four categories:

  • Greater reduction in heat consumption: Yukon-Kuskokwim Correctional Center (Bethel)
  • Lowest heat consumption: Northern Region Administrative Headquarters, Dept. of Transportation and Public Facilities (Fairbanks)
  • Greatest reduction in electricity consumption: Yukon-Kuskokwim Correctional Center (Bethel)
  • Lowest electricity consumption: Alaska Public Health Laboratory (Anchorage)

“I’m proud of our state employees who are going the extra mile to save state resources,” Governor Walker said. “Energy efficiency is good for the environment, and good for our budget.”

Read the Governor’s full press release

Printable Infographic

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The goals of the Great Alaska Energy Challenge are to save state money, demonstrate good stewardship of public resources, empower state employees, and inspire Alaskans to reduce energy consumption. State employees in 36 facilities participated in this “lead-by-example” challenge, and collectively saved enough energy to drive around Earth 52 times in an F-150 truck.

The Great Alaska Energy Challenge in the news! KTVF shares some of the Department of Transportation & Public Facilities efforts to reduce their energy use. Listen to the story.

Congratulations to all participants and thank you for all of your hard work!  

Mid-Challenge Results

Extra congrats go out to the Department of Health and Social Services and Alaska Housing Finance Corporation for each leading in two categories!  See who the top ten performers are HERE

“The Challenge has given our facilities the opportunity to feel good about ourselves, our workplace and our amazing facilities,” said Keith Stephens, facilities manager for the Department of Health and Social Services. “As we are seeing through this challenge, energy efficiency is a way we can help the state save money.”  READ MORE HERE.

About the Challenge

The Great Alaska Energy Challenge is a voluntary competition between State facilities to reduce their energy use over a six-month period. The contest will run from October 2016 through March 2017 when our energy bills are at their highest.

We are ecstatic by the great interest in this competition!  Nearly 40 facilities have stepped up to the challenge. Click here to learn which buildings are competing.  Be sure to check back for updates about how participants are saving energy and find out who will come out on top.

This project has several important objectives, chiefly:

  • To save state money;
  • To demonstrate to Alaskans that state employees are good stewards of public resources;
  • To celebrate our successes, share lessons, and encourage further energy savings; and
  • To empower state workers to “lead by example:” Through teamwork and personal commitment, we can do something good for the state budget and for the environment.

Click Here to read Governor Walker’s letter to Commissioners and Agency leaders encouraging them to join the Challenge.

Click Here to read the Alaska Sustainable Energy Act 2010 Progress Report from Department of Transportation & Public Facilities, sent to all Legislators Jan. 2017.

Winners will be declared in four categories:

  • Greatest Reduction – Heat
  • Greatest Reduction – Electricity
  • Lowest Use – Heat
  • Lowest Use – Electricity

The competition will track heat and electricity usage monthly for each participating building, adjusting for local temperature and square footage. Learn more about the judging guidelines here. Some FAQs are discussed here.

Reductions can be made through conservation (e.g., unplugging equipment that is not in use) and/or energy efficiency upgrades (e.g., installing more efficient lighting).

Any questions about the contest should be directed to Shaina Kilcoyne, Energy Efficiency Director at Renewable Energy Alaska Project, 907-331-7409 or


Outreach Materials for Download

Communications and Outreach for Building Occupants

  • *NEW: Congratulations on crossing the finish line!  Here’s a friendly reminder to submit your energy data as soon as possible so we can analyze the results!
  • Only one month left in the Great Alaska Energy Challenge!  Get the word out and make a final push to the finish line!
  • Work with your building occupants to save energy with these no cost heat saving tips.
  • It’s the holiday season!  Don’t be caught off guard heating and lighting a building that is unoccupied for holiday breaks.  Check out this holiday schedule reminder to make sure your building is saving energy this season.
  • Two simple reminders for your building occupants: Occupant Lighting Poster and Light Switch Covers.  Just take a few minutes to cut and tape.
  • Share this computer savers guide with your colleagues, to avoid using energy when you’re away from your computer.
  • The Launch Communications Packet is a guide with many ideas for communicating with your colleagues, employees and community.  It includes templates for your website, social media, email and newsletters.
  • This “We’re Competing” Announcement can be easily customized to highlight your facility.  Download the ppt slide, add an image of your building, save as an image, and SHARE.
  • Share this AK Energy Challenge Announcement image on your website or social media.
  • Use the Great Alaska Energy Challenge Logo (large size & small size) to help with outreach.
  • Share this Energy Savers Checklist with building occupants or print a copy for each department / floor to guide simple lighting and plug load savings.
  • Share the Phantom Loads Social Media Image to let your followers know that you’re competing in the challenge, and looking for phantom energy loads in your building.
  • Share this Phantom Loads Poster in your office building to raise awareness for energy vampires that may be sucking energy from your appliances even when they’re turned off.
  • Download this 6 page “Planning a Communications Strategy” worksheet to guide you through the process of developing a strategic communications plan.

Information for Building Managers

Check back frequently for more outreach and informational materials!

Building Monitoring System

  • The 10.25.16 Building Monitoring (BMON) Webinar can be found HERE (hosted by Alaska Housing Finance Corporation’s Scott Waterman.  This open source system measures real-time energy use and provides a summary of buildin operating performance.
  • Ask us about potential contractors that could assist in installing BMON.
  • Alaska Housing Finance Corporation has multiple tools and resources available for non-residential buildings.
  • Alaska Housing Finance Corporation: White Paper on Energy Use in Alaska’s Public Facilities



The Great Alaska Energy Challenge is managed by the Governor’s Office, Renewable Energy Alaska Project and the Alaska Energy Authority with support from the Department of Environmental Conservation, the Department of Transportation and Public Facilities, the Department of Administration, and the Office of Management and Budget.