Great Alaska Energy Challenge

Thank you to everyone who participated in the 2012 Great Alaska Energy Challenge!  If you would like to learn more or are interested in entering a non-residential building into the competition, contact Shaina Kilcoyne at

Renewable Energy Alaska Project partnered up with Alaska Energy Authority with support from Green Star Inc. to challenge Alaskans to see how much energy they can save.  Check out our new Great Alaska Energy Challenge MAP to see who participated this year as well as last year’s winners!  Click on the map icons for contestant details.

Winners of the 2012 Great Alaska Energy Challenge include:

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The Challenge is a competition where similar facilities can compete against each other to see who can lower their overall energy use!  The 2012 contest, open to businesses and other commercial buildings, ran from October 15, 2012 to March 31, 2013…when our energy bills are at their highest.

2012 Great Alaska Energy Challenge Participants:  Anchorage Park Foundation/The Nature Conservancy (AKFOAPF), Automated Laundry Service and Supply, Bear Tooth, Bosco’s Comics, Clothesline Consignment Shop, Lewis and Lewis, Lime Solar, Nortech, and Spenard Roadhouse.

CLICK HERE for a map of contestant locations!

Participants in the 2011 Great Alaska Energy Challenge shaved over $40,000 off their energy costs and reduced CO2 emissions by over 500,000 lbs!

The Great Alaska Energy Challenge works with businesses to

• Save money on utility bills

• Have fun learning about energy saving measures

• Motivate employees and customers with friendly competition

• Promote energy & economic security

For more information on saving energy in the workplace, including guidelines on developing a workplace energy policy, please visit:

Contest Winners

  • Biggest Loser – Heat:  the team that reduces their heating energy use per square foot per heating degree-day by the largest amount.
  • Biggest Loser – Electricity:  the team that reduces their electricity use per square foot by the largest amount.
  • Lowest Use – Heat:  the team that uses the least heating energy per square foot per heating degree-day.
  • Lowest Use – Electricity:  the team that uses the least electricity per square foot.

Reductions can be through conservation (unplugging equipment that is not in use) and/or energy efficiency (installing more efficient lighting).   By May 1, 2013, contestants will need to submit copies of all bills from October 15, 2012 through March 31, 2013.

See complete guidelines here.

Any questions about the contest should be directed to Shaina Kilcoyne, Energy Efficiency Director at Renewable Energy Alaska Project, 907-929-7770 or

For details on how participants were judged, click here

Representatives of REAP and of AEA made the final determination of winners and retain the discretion to adjust contest procedures with the knowledge of the participants in order to account for unseen, but important factors.