Wisdom & Associates, Inc.

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7984 Kenai Spur Highway
Kenai, Alaska 99611

Contact: Robert Moss

Phone number: 907-283-0629
Email: robert@akinspections.com
Website: http://www.wisdomandassociates.com/

For the past 12 years Robert has provided energy audits and consultation, inspection services and indoor air quality investigations in Alaska with Wisdom & Associates Inc. Robert is certified by the Association of Energy Engineers as a Certified Energy Auditor and Certified Energy Manager, BPI as a Building Analyst and Envelope Specialist, and by the International Code Council as a Combination Dwelling Inspector for Residential. He has worked on over 100 commercial building energy audits.

  • BPI (Building Performance Institute)
  • CEA/CEM (Certified Energy Auditor)
  • Energy Analysis/ Modeling/ Audit
  • Home Energy Rater

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  1. Anonymous on said:

    Mr. Wisdom was very attentive and informative to our energy needs. He spent a good amount of time inspecting every inch of both of our buildings. Even though his final report did include some areas that I originally thought were lacking, his findings provided a great deal of insight to our major areas of energy loss. I would recommend Wisdom & Associates to other businesses in need.



  2. Anonymous on said:

    Robert did a fine job and some of his report findings are already being implimented. Thank you!



  3. Anonymous on said:

    Due to Rob’s previous experience with energy audits he was helpful in leading us what will be needed from our end to conduct the audit. His performance of the audit was efficient and professional. He was helpful in answering any questions I had at the time of the audit. The report was completed in a timely manner, and Rob took the time to go over it with me and, again, answer any questions I had. He also committed to assisting us further with putting his recommendations into place after completion of the final report.



  4. Anonymous on said:

    Rob was very pleasant to work with both through the audit process and improvement work that follows.



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