Honeywell International, INC (HBS - Honeywell Building Solutions)

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Anchorage, Alaska

Contact: Justin Magee

Phone number: 907-564-8111

Honeywell Building Solutions has over 60 years in Alaska providing building automation, security and safety solutions in hundreds of public and private sector facilities.By integrating energy supply and demand strategies, Honeywell can help reduce your operating costs - by 20 percent or more. Reinvest your savings into facility improvements or apply them directly to your bottom line. Energy costs are probably one of your largest expenses, and the most difficult to predict.Honeywell can help. Our people are energy experts who have helped customers around the world realize more than $2 billion in energy savings - savings that can be redirected toward facility and operational improvements. Honeywell can help you manage energy more effectively, too.We’ll use our knowledge and understanding of the shifting energy landscape to develop a full-circle strategy that actively monitors and controls your energy supply, energy-using assets and the real-time interaction between supply and demand. We will continue to develop products and technologies that improve efficiency and lower greenhouse gas emissions. In 2007 Honeywell established 5-year greenhouse gas and energy efficiency objectives for its internal operations. By 2012 Honeywell will reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by 30%, and will increase its energy efficiency by 20%, both from a 2004 baseline year.

  • Energy Analysis/ Modeling/ Audit
  • Plumbing

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