Energy Audits of Alaska

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1231 West Northern Lights Blvd, Suite 807
Anchorage, Alaska 99503

Contact: Jim Fowler, PE, CEA

Phone number: 907-269-4350

We perform Energy Audits, Retro-Commissioning and Commissioning of municipal, commercial and industrial facilities - that's all we do. We're not contractors and we don't sell products or software. Our total focus is on reducing your energy cost and consumption, we audit more buildings in a year than most companies do in 10 years. We've identified $5+ million in energy savings in 100+ Alaskan buildings in 3 years in road and railbelt communities from Juneau to Barrow and in dozens of native villages. For retro-commissioning and commissioning, we partner with a firm that's been in Alaska for over 40 years. Staff certifications include PE licenses in Mechanical Engineering in AK and WA and NEBB and AEA Retro-Commissioning and CEA/CEM certifications. We specialize in energy reduction!

  • CEA/CEM (Certified Energy Auditor)
  • Commissioning
  • Energy Analysis/ Modeling/ Audit

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7 reviews on “Energy Audits of Alaska

  1. Anonymous on said:

    Jim fowler has done an excellent audit of our building. He has proven to be timely and caring in his details. The final draft that’s been presented to us is clear and shows thorough information.
    In Jim’s on site audit he was assertive and open minded to the challenges of the building. Furthermore he has offered continued input after his report.
    Highly recommended



  2. Anonymous on said:

    I agree with the positive ratings of Jim Fowler at this site. I was out of town when Jim was scheduled in our building; our maintenance personnel reported that Jim was courteous, efficient and knowledgeable. He maintained a steady work schedule and produced the work timely. Jim’s report has provided us with a program that seems reasonable and doable; I look forward to implementing his recommendations, including his offer to be available for further consultation. Excellent Service!



  3. Anonymous on said:

    Jim Fowler was very helpful, timely and thorough. He is also helping us with revision of our energy policy. Would highly recomend.



  4. Anonymous on said:

    Even though Jim works from both AK and WA I found him to be easy to get a hold of via phone or e-mail. I felt he did a thourogh job conducting the on site visit. He answered all of my questions regarding energy upgrades and gave me some advise on a few non energy items. His report is easy to read and outlines step by step what my return will be if implemented. Overall I feel Jim did a good job.



  5. Anonymous on said:

    Jim was effiecient and very easy to work with. He was professional and a good communicator. He provided the reports on time. I would recommend him to others.



  6. Anonymous on said:

    Jim was exceptionally responsive from the outset and was true to all commitments and timeframes established from the beginning of the project. Preparation for and conducting the on-site inspection went smoothly. The quality of Jim’s reporting and recommendations was A+. We now have over 20 recommendations to work upon to improve the energy efficiency of the building. Jim took great care to differentiate between initiatives that would require investment of money and those that would simply require culture change. As a Professional Engineer with many years of experience it was very apparent Jim knew his business, but equally important was his ability to translate technical findings and observations into language anyone could understand. All in all I would have no reservations recommending Jim to anyone else looking to conduct a Level 2 Energy Audit.



  7. Anonymous on said:

    Jim did about a dozen of the audits I had, which included audits in the North Slope Borough and in the Kotzebue areas. Jim was both timely and accurate, and prepared very professional and complete audits. Of the 5 auditors that I used, Jim was the most complete and most timely with completing the audits.
    I would use Jim in the future any time, and would rate him very highly for his fine work. Jim is making energy auditing his full time occupation, which speaks volumes for the dedication he is applying to getting it right. Jim is also a licensed Professional Engineer, and his thorough analysis reflects his engineering background.



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