Daylight Energy Services

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841 Constitution Dr
Fairbanks, Alaska 99709

Contact: Dave Pelunis-Messier

Phone number: 907-978-1866

Daylight Energy Services focuses predominantly on LED lighting supply, Solar PV product supply and Energy Efficiency consulting. We feel strongly about helping to educate the business or homeowner we work with on where they can achieve the most cost-effective efficiency improvements and we work with them to minimize costs wherever possible. We do also perform Solar PV installations and LED lighting retrofits ourselves but typically we will work with the customer to supply the correct products and match them up with an installer who we know and trust and who has experience. Daylight Energy Services has 1000's of LED lights installed in different corners of the state and we look forward to showing you some of the savings and improved light quality that our customers have realized. Please call or e-mail.

  • Alternative Energy Generation
  • Lighting

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