Arctic Energy Savers LLC

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Anchorage, Alaska 99508

Contact: Cary Shiflea

Phone number: 907-232-1246

Cold Climate Insulation and Airsealing Specialists. We can lower your monthly utility bills by improving your insulation and correcting air leaks in your home. We see your home as a system of heat, air and moisture movements . By identifying the areas that are allowing heat loss and correcting them, it is possible to significantly reduce utility bills and reduce your carbon footprint at the same time. Many of our customers have been participants in the Alaska Home Energy Rebate Program. This program is available to all Alaskan homeowners and provides rebates of up to $10,000 for making energy efficient improvements to their home. 'The average rebate is $6,050' and 'over 1,000 Alaskans' and counting have already received their rebate money! (AHFC Report 2010)The costs of our improvements will not only be earned back through lower monthly utility bills but with the State Rebate your return on investment often pays itself off within 5 years! Enjoy a warm, comfortable, inviting energy efficient home during the cold winter months while saving hundreds of dollars annually on your heating bills.

  • BEAP (Building Energy Assessment Professional)
  • BEES (Building Energy Efficiency Standard)
  • BERT (Building Energy Retrofit Technician)
  • Energy Efficiency Retrofits
  • Insulation
  • Performance Testing
  • Weatherization/Air Sealing

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