Alaska Energy Analysis, LC

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PO Box 2413
Everett, WA, Alaska 98213

Contact: Kyle James

Phone number: 503-504-2010

Alaska Energy Analysis, LLC has performed nearly 1,000 energy audits on residential homes in Alaska since 2008. Kyle is a B.P.I. certified Building Analyst and Envelope Specialist with a strong, technical background in HVAC and sustainable building practices.Our company services include:- Energy Ratings for A.H.F.C. Home Energy Rebate Program (Rater #112)- Energy retrofit consultation and QC (quality control) services- Infrared imaging scans- IAQ (Indoor Air Quality) diagnostics and consultation

  • BPI (Building Performance Institute)
  • Residential Endorsement
  • Alternative Energy Generation
  • Duct Testing/Sealing
  • Energy Analysis/ Modeling/ Audit
  • Energy Efficiency Retrofits
  • Green Building Consulting
  • Heating Systems
  • Home Energy Rater
  • Insulation
  • Performance Testing
  • Ventilation Systems
  • Water Heating Systems
  • Weatherization/Air Sealing

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