AHFC Calista Region Audits

Below are audits of public buildings in PDF form for the Calista ANCSA Region.  These audits were completed with funding from Alaska Housing Finance Corporation.

Additionally, a Public Facility Webpage has been set up on the AHFC site. It can be found by going to this direct link: https://www.ahfc.us/efficiency/non-residential-buildings/


CALISTA-Nortech-ANI High School

CALISTA-Nortech-ANI_Aniak AMN School

CALISTA-Nortech-ANI_District Office

CALISTA-Nortech-BET Bethel Courthouse

CALISTA-Nortech-BET_Bethel City Hall

CALISTA-Nortech-BET_Bethel City Shop

CALISTA-Nortech-CHU_Chuathbaluk Crow Village Sam School

CALISTA-Nortech-HPB Public Safety

CALISTA-Nortech-HPB Washeteria

CALISTA-Nortech-KLG_Zachar Levi School

CALISTA-Nortech-KOT_Kotlik-K12 School

CALISTA-Nortech-MOU LYSD Ignatious Beans School

CALISTA-Nortech-MOU_Mountain Village-City Office

CALISTA-Nortech-MOU_Mountain Village-Community Center

CALISTA-Nortech-MOU_Mountain VillageLYSD District Office

CALISTA-Nortech-RSHRussian Mission-K12

CALISTA-Nortech-SCM_Scammon Bay-K12 School

CALISTA-Nortech-SLQ_Sleetmute Jack Egnaty

CALISTA-Nortech-SRV_Stony River Gusty Michael